How And Why To Assess The Serious Level of Accident-Related Injuries

After a doctor has examined the victim of an accident, and has recorded the nature of that same victim’s injury, it then becomes possible to assess the value of any considered claim. Whenever a victim’s injuries appear quite serious, any associated claim possesses a heightened value.

Insurance companies categorize claimants’ injuries

Soft injuries cause damage to the muscles and connective tissue. The patient’s discomfort could be the only clue to the existence of such an injury.

Hard injuries can be detected by a medical exam, or by a prescribed test. An x-ray can detect some hard injuries; imaging techniques get used to discover the presence of others.

The role of a claimant’s medical record, during the determination of a case’s value

Following an accident’s occurrence, a doctor’s observations, which should have been noted in the medical record, might support a recommendation for a specific test. That test could provide the doctor with more information on a painful region of the claimant’s body.

Insurance companies use a claimant’s medical records to learn the nature of a reported injury. Once an insurer has that information, the insurance adjuster can judge the logic behind the doctor’s request for a specific treatment. Remember, the same insurance company might need to cover the cost of that treatment.

A good personal injury lawyer in Waukegan, might discover in a client’s medical record evidence that suggested the possible existence of an injury. That discovery could prove significant, if the potential client had been held partly responsible for the property damage, which had been caused by a given accident.

Take the example of the case where a driver had been at-the-wheel, when his car felt the force of an impact to its rear section. He did not get injured., and he assumed that none of his family, the three other people in the same vehicle were also uninjured. So, he went after compensation for the property damage.

Since the responsible driver had no insurance, the driver’s insurance had to pay for the damage to all the vehicles, including the one that the hit driver’s car rammed into. Yet that same insurance company claimed that their policyholder was partly to blame for the damage to the car that had been in front of him. That policyholder chose not to seek the help of an attorney. That was a big mistake. The driver’s one daughter had hit her head on the back of the front seat, during a time when she was suffering an earache.

That daughter had mild and unremarkable early symptoms of a head injury. She complained about an occasional headache. Two and one-half years later she had one dizzy spell and later she had a seizure.

Thus, it helps to hire the services of an injury lawyer early on so that they can file a claim and cater to future medical health issues.

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