Who Should Be Blamed For Accident At Dangerous Location?

If an accident has taken place at a dangerous location, it might not be clear who was the negligent individual, the person that caused the same accident.

Why might a given location be considered dangerous?

• Perhaps it contains a building that is under construction.
• Maybe an emergency operation is being conducted at that particular spot.
• There might be some unusual structures at that location, such as the stairs in an old house that tourists get to walk through.
• It could be a poorly designed building.

Rules that indicate who to blame in the event of a premise’s accident

The owner of the property has a duty to keep that same property safe. That means that warnings should be posted in any dangerous area. The property should be well maintained, so that all areas remain safe.

Someone visiting a given property should use that same location in a normal and reasonable manner. That means that a visitor should not wander into an area that has been roped-off in some fashion, or marked off-limits.

Special rules that apply to those working at a relatively dangerous location

If one of those same workers were to get injured, then the identity of the responsible person would depend on the identity of the person that owned, or had control of, the area where the accident had taken place.

If that specific area had been owned by, or placed under the control of the injured worker’s employer, then the same worker would need to file a claim with worker’s compensation. The situation would be different if the spot where the accident took place was not owned by, or under the control of the injured worker’s employer.

In that alternate situation, the property owner, or the person in control of that specific area could be held responsible for the worker’s injury. Consequently, the same worker would have to file a complaint against that particular property owner, or whoever was in control of that specific area.

If the accident had taken place in a public area, then it would be necessary to find out exactly who had control of that public area. If some division within the government had control of that spot, then the correct government office would have to be notified. For instance, an injured road worker would need to notify the proper division of transportation.

Personal injury lawyer in St. Charles of accident victims that must notify some section of the government ought to be aware of the timetable that concerns them. In most locations, the government would expect a notice regarding the accident within 10 days of the same accident’s occurrence. In that way, the proper government body could take steps to remedy the problem just as soon as possible.

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