What Are The Actions To Take After Suffering Catastrophic Injury

Some states require car owners residing in that particular state to purchase no-fault insurance. Consequently, if the insured vehicle becomes involved in an accident, the insurance company must cover all damages, as long as no occupant has suffered a catastrophic injury.

However, if an injured party had been forced to deal with a life-changing condition, then the victim of that same catastrophic injury could sue the responsible party. For that reason, every insured driver ought to learn how to respond, after sustaining a catastrophic injury.

All victims of an accident, regardless of how serious their injuries, deserve to receive certain benefits

• Money to cover the loss of income, while recovering, and unable to work
• Funds to cover the medical expenses
• Reimbursement of any rehabilitation costs
• Money for care while recovering, such as an at-home attendant
• Reimbursement of the costs for help with housekeeping

What conditions that might result from an accident could force the affected victim to become dependent on long term care?

Traumatic brain injuries
• Blindness
• Amputation of a limb
• Paralysis
• Impairment to 55% or more of the victim’s body
• A severe level of mental or behavioral impairment

A forced dependence on long-term care could add significantly to the damages for a given accident.

Still, if a victim could not convince a jury that the victim’s injuries qualified as catastrophic, that needed amount of money might not be awarded to the injured plaintiff. That fact underlines the significance of correct actions, following one’s involvement in an accident, as per personal injury lawyer in Waukegan.

What are those correct actions?

First, anyone that has been involved in an accident should see a doctor just as soon as possible. That visit to a doctor ought to be made within the 24-hour period that has followed the accident. Even someone that claims to feel fine should arrange for such a visit.

The body feels traumatized by the jarring experience of a collision. Consequently, it starts to produce certain chemicals. Some of those chemicals manage to disguise any pain. That is why a visit to a doctor’s office is so important.

After seeing a physician, the person that was involved in the collision ought to contact a personal injury lawyer. All victims need such a lawyer. That member of the legal community could serve as a guide, if it were to become apparent that the client/victim had developed some telltale injuries.

Those might be injuries that could cause a dependence on long-term care. In that case, the affected victim would need to seek the necessary amount of coverage. Personal injury lawyers have learned how to help a client go after such coverage. That is why all victims of an accident’s occurrence need to find and hire a personal injury attorney.

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