Seek Proper Medical Care Following Involvement In Car Accident

An accident victim’s readiness to seek a doctor’s care can serve to protect that same victim’s health and legal rights.

Facts to keep in mind, if you are not feeling quite right after having been involved in an on-road incident.

A serious level of discomfort does not always show up right away. A strong response from the body might manifest itself weeks after that same body has been subject to the forces that are associated with a car crash. No accident victim should expect an uncomfortable feeling to vanish, minus some type of treatment.

Facts to keep in mind about any treatment routine

If a doctor that had studied an accident victim’s injuries has prescribed it then the recipient of that particular prescription should follow it. During the course of that prescribed routine, the patient might be scheduled for a series of appointments. Smart patients make a point of going to any scheduled appointments.

Each of the observations made by the treating physician should get mentioned in the patient’s medical record. Doctors recognize the patient’s right to see what information has been placed in the medical records to which the treating doctor has access.

What accident victims need to check, when examining their doctors’ records?

How has the accident been described? Is that an adequate description of what happened?

Has the physician entered a correct description of your symptoms?

When relevant, does the physician’s description of the treated injury indicate the degree of the injury’s healing?
Does it make mention of any earlier injuries? If so, does it state that those other injuries had healed completely by the date of the accident.

When relevant, does the physician’s description of your injury make any mention of your chronic condition? If so, does that mention indicate that your chronic condition was under control at the time of the accident? Patients that have looked at their medical records have the right to request correction of an improper statement, one that is about the nature or history of the patient’s injury, as per personal injury lawyer in St. Charles.

What do the same victims need to check, when consulting with various lawyers?

What familiarity does the consulted attorney have with the challenges to a claim from someone with a chronic medical condition?

Has the consulted lawyer ever sought out help from a medical expert? If so, what was that same expert’s specialty?

Has the consulted lawyer ever handled a case that was similar to that of the accident victim/prospective client? If so, what was the outcome for that specific case?

Does the consulted attorney appear ready to meet any challenges to the prospective client’s claim? Can that same attorney even suggests the exact nature of any such challenges? If so, what would be the attorney’s suggested response?

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