Product Liability

Waukegan, Niles and St. Charles Product Liability Lawyers for Defective Product Injury Victims

Product liability cases arise when a business prioritizes its profits over the safety and well-being of the consumer who may eventually suffer physical harm by using a product that they created. When companies breach their ethical and legal obligation to make products that will not harm the consumer, serious or catastrophic injuries can result. At the Makarone Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers in Waukegan, Niles and St. Charles understand the emotional, financial, and physical pain that defective products can inflict.

When dangerous products find their way into the hands of the consumer, thousands of catastrophic and devastating injuries occur. When companies cut corners, ignore safety concerns, or rush their products to the marketplace, and an accident or injury occurs, that company must compensate the victim or their loved ones. If companies would go the extra mile to ensure that a product was safe, consumers wouldn’t get injured. That’s where the Makarone Law Firm and their personal injury lawyers in Waukegan, Niles and St. Charles can help.

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Defective Products and Negligence

The basis for personal injury lawsuits is negligence, and when that negligence involves the design, manufacture, or sale of a product as well as any failure to warn regarding its use, product liability laws usually apply. Dangerous or defective products are more common than you would think. Some of the more common products that have been the topics of product liability cases that the Makarone Law Firm has litigated for include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive equipment and parts
  • Children’s products and toys
  • Household products
  • Medical devices
  • Personal care items
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Smoking and vaping injuries
  • Tools
  • Toxic chemicals

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the agency that tracks down dangerous and defective products, nearly 30 million Americans suffer injury every year by using a product that never should’ve made it to the marketplace. And if you were injured, it is time to get the deserved compensation. Call one of our lawyers today!

Who can You sue?

When it comes to identifying the at-fault party or parties in a product liability case, the laws in most states are similar. The general rule of thumb is to include is to include every person or entity involved in the chain of supply or distribution. The primary parties include product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. However, there can be more depending on the type of product, which is why these types of cases can be so complicated and require the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Waukegan Niles and St. Charles. For more information, call the Makarone Law Firm today.